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Dr. Conrad Loreto, N.D., N.C.C.A.

Global Capital Associate - Angel Funding

Press Associate - IMAGINE MediaWorks




Conrad Loreto has spent the last 27 years in the successful practice of helping thousands of private patients overcome health challenges through the use of natural and holistic approaches using life enhancing protocols.

Conrad has worked on funding a variety of new projects over the years. He is also the IMAGINE MediaWorks correspondent for events and publicity coverage in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. To have him on the guest list virtually guarantees national coverage for your event.

Growing up in a small town on the Hudson River just 90 miles north of Manhattan was a definite advantage. The experience of such a close knit community gave him the values that became the foundation for a lifetime of success. Living in close proximity to New York City also afforded him the exposure to a multicultural world, combining the balance of country and city life.

Becoming a part-time resident of Woodstock brought Conrad into a partnership as one of the organizers of the legendary “Woodstock Festival” at 19 years old. Due to the brilliant success of the event, Conrad was offered a position in the music business opening and managing Studio Instrument Rentals in NYC. Tapping into his contacts in the industry, the studio was an immediate success thanks to the support of his Rock 'N Roll buddies. Then, the location he chose became the floor above New York's famed Studio 54, and business skyrocketed.

Within a year, Conrad headed to Los Angeles to manage the company's parent location on Columbia Pictures' studio lot at Sunset and Gower. As the first movie lot in Hollywood, it lacked the develoment of central casting, causing the film extras to spend hours waiting at the studio's drugstore/coffee shop in full costumes to be called on the set for their shots. Because of the high number of cowboy films being produced at that time, the coffee shop became known as “Gower Gulch,” with the actors nicknamed “Drugtore Cowboys.” Honoring that history, Conrad later opened the “Laredo Café”, a private restaurant on the lot catering to the music, T.V. and motion picture business, where he became a well known fixture within the industry.

At 26, Conrad left the entertainment industry to following his desire to serve others, knowing that he could make a much larger difference in the world. As fate would have it, while attending a dinner for then Governor, Jerry Brown, he met the founders of the California Acupuncture College, the first one of its kind in the United States. He learned of their experimental program to prove the scientific results of Acupuncture treatment including on animals. When they learned Conrad was an accomplished equestrian and Polo player, they asked him to assist with horse treatments under their guidance. This was the perfect opportunity for Conrad to follow his passion and following, he enrolled in the four-year program.

By 1981, Loretto graduated as a Nationally Certified Acupuncturist, and went on to receive his Doctorate in Naturopathy in 1988 from the Clayton School of Natural Medicine. To further specialize his knowlege of health and wellness, he traveled to Hong Kong and began working with the two prominent master Chinese acupuncturists, Doctors Wa and Pao.  He later went on to teach acupuncture to medical doctors at the Makati Medical Center in the Philippines. While residing in Asia, Dr. Loreto also taught Equine Acupuncture to veterinarians at the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the Manila Polo Club, again fueled by his passion for the horses.

Before long, Conrad found himself to be considered a top social Polo player with invitations to join games in other locales. He has played all over the world, and been interviewed and photographed for of a number of Polo magazines. Passionately involved in the sport, Polo has become a way of life for Dr. Loreto, and he remains a regular player throughout the season.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and now semi-retired from private practice, Conrad serves an elite group that appreciates a holistic approach drawing from the ancient Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques (NLP) as a traditional, yet unique complement to western medicine. His clientele ranges from high-net worth individuals, major corporations and smaller groups all looking to regain a feeling of robust health, and utilize every competitive advantage to help keep them at the top of their game. Areas of treatment include anti-aging, smoking cessation, increased productivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, stress reduction, weight control, PMS, substance abuse, sports injuries, acute or chronic pain, emphysema, and depression utilizing life enhancing protocols that produce dramatic changes in productivity, wellbeing and energy.

Dr. Loreto remains a consultant to over 250 pharmacists in supplementing their existing medical services. As such, he has provided natural protocols for their patients and updates medical content used in their pharmaceutical software program. He is also exploring the healing applications of Nanotechnology utilizing patches on acupuncture points for favorable results on humans and horses.

In development with Catch Light Films, Loretto is co-producing a movie depicting some of his real life experiences while living in the Asia that combines a James Bond type of character within a Raiders of the Lost Ark scenario.

As founder of Health Dynasty, a nutritional supplement company, he teamed with renowned celebrity and global personality, Robin Leach, in developing Health Dynasty products worldwide via www.HealthDynasty.com. His understanding and experience in the health and medical industry makes him an invaluable member of the IMAGINE MediaWorks team.

Dr. Loreto also does consultations and professional coaching for private clients which have included Olympic athletes and celebrities. More information can be found at www.ConradLoretoLifeCoaching.com.


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