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360 WORLD RECORD - Aviation Story of the Decade by Kaya Morgan

Historic Landing - March 21, Geneva, Switzerland:  What has become the aviation story of the decade - no one has been able to beat legendary pilot, Steve Fossett’s circumnavigation flight record of 2005…..until now.

Even with an erupting volcano in their path, the 360° World Record team of Swiss-Italian aviator, Captain Riccardo Mortara (62), and co-pilots (and eldest son) Gabriel Mortara (28), and Flavien Guderzo (26) still managed to succeed in setting a new record for the fastest flight around-the-world in a 30-year old mainstream business jet. Beating Steve Fossett’s 2005 record in the custom built Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer, this is the first time for a new record in this weight class with refueling stops.

It is with regret that we must pull this story from the Internet. Until such time as Andrii Artemenko, President of Global Assets, Bal Harbour, Florida, is willing to pay for the work done on this project (based on information and images provided through his company), it will not be available.

Unfortunately, this has indeed been a disappointment.

Andrii Artemendo's company is found at

More stories by journalist, Kaya Morgan, can be found by clicking the link. Contact us for reprint rights as most articles are available.

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