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Michael Eckerman - the Ultimate Wealth Recovery Specialist

by Kaya Morgan

Today, more than ever, people are looking for ways to regain portions of their wealth previously lost due to our ailing economy, along with the public’s fear that we may not have hit rock bottom just yet.  Because cash has become king in this volatile market, many savvy entrepreneurs have jumped on the preverbal bandwagon to try to come up with ways to tap into an industry that although may have caused ruin for some, could be a return to wealth for others.  Michael Eckerman is squarely on the right track.

With a proud family of Arizona heritage spanning four generations, Michael Eckerman grew up to a living legacy of his family’s historic accomplishments. There was the Eckerman School, the Eckerman Bridge, with great-grandfather Eckerman working to build the major roads around the city of Tombstone, perhaps the most renowned of Arizona’s mining camps and a haven for the Wild West’s most infamous gunslingers.    

The eldest of two boys from Globe, Arizona, Michael’s father held the post of City Attorney until he accepted a position with the Environmental Protection Agency and relocated the family to San Francisco in the 70s.  At the urging of his parents, by age 12, Eckerman started two paper routes to earn extra cash until at age 16 he landed a job at a McDonald’s where within the first 2 months, he was promoted to manager of the store. Clearly, he had a commanding presence even as a young adult that others recognized. After high school, he went on to junior college, and worked in the San Francisco Bay area where he received training in financial services. 

By the time Eckerman was 22, he had bought his first home for $88,000 which at that age, was a huge accomplishment. Yet, his date with destiny had only just begun. The watershed moment came when he had the unlikely opportunity to meet self-made real estate mogul and owner of the San Diego Chargers, Alexander Gus Spanos, who took an immediate liking to Eckerman, sharing his multimillion dollar ideas for creating wealth.

Then, while reuniting with an old friend at a party, Eckerman decided to relocate to Sacramento joining his friend to work on redeveloping low income neighborhoods, taking the advice of Spanos. Although partnership was not something Michael was suited for, he used the opportunity to hone his industry skills.  In 1995, he decided to make a move back to his home state, once again laying down roots in Phoenix, Arizona. Basing his options on the local market, his new company quickly grew into a venture where they bought bargain properties in the developing, outlying areas that gave aspiring homeowners and investors the opportunity to own a piece of the American Dream. This venture eventually became a reserve of 400 properties, with 60 employees and an $80,000,000 valued company.

Eckerman's quick rise to success prompted CNN's show, Pulse on America to come calling with a feature story on his successful niche, followed by a multitude of articles, interviews on radio and print with the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. The company’s revenue had previously earned unbelievable profits — until the real estate market began its downward spiral, and the mortgage industry pulled back from lending to non-owner occupied properties. No one was immune, and Eckerman got caught in the thick of it. His high profile company went from the top of its game to the bottom of the barrel, soon filing for reorganization.  It was a correction for the market that was hard for everyone in the industry to reconcile. Like many other successful businessmen, Michael’s high profile lifestyle and assets were all eventually liquidated. Wealth recovery soon became his own personal goal.

According to the National Association of Realtors, recent home sales have been at their weakest levels since the government began keeping records 47 years ago. Yet, Eckerman is undaunted. “The time to buy is when there is blood on the streets, even if it’s your own blood,” J.P. Morgan once said. “I live and die by that quote,” says Eckerman, “because people must realize that when times are tough you need to do things that are different and be ahead of the masses. People need to remember that life is a full contact sport and they need to get back in it to stay in the game.”

When asked what his new venture will contribute most to the community and for our country, Eckerman is clear, “People are stuck in a sense of paralysis, right now. They’ve almost been framed by the public perception that they should just be happy they have a job of any kind.  I’ve seen a sense of despair and hopelessness with people wondering what happened to the American dream. I hope to bring it back for people but no matter what misfortunes may have happened to them, they must be willing to get out and take action.” 

Eckerman believes in patience and research before you step into any new venture. “Always keep your eyes open because there are gems around you, and if you have the negotiation skills there will always be opportunities open to you.” His new business model provides a wealth recovery platform for people who have been hit with the financial collapse as well as those who still want the dream of home ownership. “Real estate investing requires hard work, and there is no short cut to quick returns. What makes real estate investment a prosperous business is actually the kind of deal you make rather than the number of deals you do," Eckerman points out.  

Already rolling out his new corporate entity, The Eckerman Group, the company locates choice properties and turns them into forward-looking profits with a focus on Nevada, California, Texas and New York. Due to the paralysis in the lending industry, Eckerman has been able to find tremendous opportunities by working with sophisticated individuals interested in higher than average rates of return, while at the same time being part of the financial recovery process for those caught in the financial collapse. “In this kind of economy, opportunities abound to turn profits,” states Eckerman. “With foreclosures still on the rise, there will be no shortage of inventory in the foreseeable future.”

In his leisure hours, Michael loves to race but now with his wife and two young girls to consider, he has turned his attention to more humanitarian endeavors including an upcoming project affiliation with the United Nations that will focus on opportunities for children in developing countries. “I wish that children everywhere could be just that — children.  They should all have enough to eat, be able to live somewhere safe, and explore that magical time of childhood.  My goal will help lead us there to make a difference for all children,” he says.

When asked what has taught him the most about succeeding in life, “Staying true to what you believe in, keep moving forward and trust your gut.  From my years in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) I know that it’s what goes on between your ears that has the most influence on your behavior.  If you’re not thinking like a winner, there’s little chance that you’ll be one!”  Michael Eckerman is ready to reclaim his place in the industry.

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