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  Breakthrough Natural Breast Enhancement Process

New York/PR Newswire/ — Combining science with the latest in technology, Natural Research & Development has created one of the most innovative and affordable natural breast enhancement methods to come along in decades. As with any new and original product or idea, the company spent years researching which natural methods produced the greatest results on the growth of women’s breasts while eliminating those that did absolutely nothing.

Because a women’s figure is the outward and most public sign of her femininity, since ancient times, women have searched for ways to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. How beautiful a woman feels she looks is largely dictated by what the media tells her via TV, the movies, magazines and cleverly crafted, multimillion dollar advertising campaigns.

Of course, any new technique that claims success in a market inundated with everything from “snake oils” to risky surgery — countless gadgets, pills, creams and even undergarments — all promising to enhance or increase the size of a woman’s breast, is often met with skepticism. Whether herbal, cosmetic, hormonal, or the latest in medical technology, some have met with varying degrees of success while others have not even come close to hitting the mark. Some women have spent small fortunes and braved untold health risks based on the promise of increased breast size.

Now, after years of painstaking research along with actual trials by women from all over the world, the most natural and cost effective method of breast enhancement can finally offer proven results. This proprietary process of natural breast development uses simple, targeted exercises that over a period of time utilize the body’s own natural response mechanisms similar to the nursing process, which increases overall breast size as a result. The exercises are light, non-strenuous, and self-administered with six different levels in total, each designed to advance the breast size by ½ inch increments. Natural Research & Development has also created a computer program support system that with the click of a mouse, and through the use of streaming videos, will teach, monitor, and maintain a successful program of natural breast enhancement.

Women in all age groups have tried the process with striking success.  Some have reported over 2 inches increase and up to 2 cup sizes in their breasts within the first 30 days with no ill side effects. Others, with the blessing of their doctor, have tried the program to alleviate medical conditions that had not responded to other types of treatment, and had positive results on the Grow Yours method.

GY Spokesperson:  Sue McGarvie, Clinical and Registered Sex Therapist; e-Dating Expert
As one of Canada’s best known therapists, McGarvie has specialized in sex and relationship issues since the early 90’s. She makes for an energetic, outspoken guest with lots of lively dialogue. Her degrees include Carleton University - Psychology and Education, Laurentian University - Sexuality and Family Life, The Banff Center - New Media, and Ryerson University - Broadcast Technology; founder of The Ottawa Sex Therapy Clinic with professional memberships in The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, The Canadian Urology Association, The Federation of Medical Women, and The Sex Therapy Council of Canada; author of two books on sexuality; engaged as an expert witness; insurance industry consultant; syndicated talk show host; nominated for the Roman’s Top Women Entrepreneur for 2002, and a Top 40 under 40 finalist; web sites: and

About Grow Yours: Owned by Natural Research & Development Inc. and founded in 2006 by Canadian entrepreneur, Joseph Gagliano, the company's mission is dedicated to locate, develop and create innovative products and processes that meet our objectives to improve people's lives and lifestyles.  Corporate headquarters: 1230 Avenue of the Americas, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10020

For additional information about the Grow Yours process, visit their website at; and read the story at Grow YoursInterviews, high resolution images, and access to successful participants are available upon request to


To download the press release as a PDF file, click Grow Yours.

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