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Here at Island Connections, we work hard to earn and keep your trust. Below are a few comments from satisfied clients.


Vision is everything but execution is key.

"As a former top executive with MGM Studios, Columbia Pictures, and NBC Acquisitions, I have had the advantage of working with some of the best companies in the world. Now, as CEO of PrimeSite Entertainment, we are pleased to have Island Connections as our primary financial and marketing consultants. They have been an invaluable resource for film financing and related marketing opportunities, and continue to be a blessing to our bottom line.

Their knowledge and understanding of how to appeal to the mind of the sophisticated investor is right on target. We would highly recommend them for their experience in the industry and quality private funding sources, and look forward to a long and continuing relationship with this outstanding organization."

Peter Andrews, Chief Executive Officer
PrimeSite Entertainment Group, New York City

"Your list of projects is fascinating and amazing at the same time! If at the time we did the 360 World Record I knew of your work as I know now, we would certainly do much more (together). It was a tense time. Still, I feel we had someone really strong who set things up oin a matter of minutes in a much stronger way than anywhere else (on the world race.)

Tom Zorman, Chief Technical Officer
360 Degrees World Record; Zurick, Switzerland

"We have enjoyed working with Island Connections on a number of projects over the years, and our experience has always been one of pure professionalism. Their resourcefulness, contacts and business acumen have made each endeavor rewarding.

Originally, we were looking for investors in the $5 million dollar range for one of our projects. Then a better opportunity was presented to us, and we quickly needed another $20 million dollars.

They immediately assessed our needs and created a professional business plan that raised our required funds. In both instances, they were able to quickly put us together with investors for our projects."

Robbie Randall, Principal
33 Group, Phoenix, Arizona

"Our focus as an investment-banking firm that completes small to mid-market transactions, projects and financing has been in the area of gaming-related, telecommunications, and information technology industries. We have successfully sold businesses at substantial premiums, raised capital in challenging environments and created major business opportunities for large corporate clients.

We have worked with Island Connections on a number of projects over the years in a synergistic relationship, and found them to be an extremely valuable asset. Their integrity has never been in question and their contacts are extensive and cross many industries."

Michael Jabara, Managing Director
Red Rock Partners, Las Vegas, NV

"Our business is highly technical and we were concerned we might not find an organization that could understand and help us describe our vision. Island Connections turned out to be just the right group.

They created our business plan which turned out to be one of the best we could have hoped for. With that in hand, it was a short stop to a group the Island Connections team brought to us that eventually tendered a contract for the $100M we needed. They are one of the most highly professional teams in the industry, and can truly produce the funding sources they speak of."

Jack Savage, CEO & President
Oil-Tech Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

"The Burk Law Firm focus and clientele encompasses domestic and international emerging companies from the initial stages of organization with seed and mezzanine funding through the public offering stage including a variety of securities law matters.

Over the last nine years, we have worked with Island Connections on a multitude of projects. During that time, we have observed their business and professional demeanor in many different situations. We found their approach to funding projects has been creative, original and diligent in their devotion to the projects they undertake.

When it comes to ventures searching for funding, we shall continue to recommend them to projects looking for the best opportunities due to their high integrity and extensive private sources."

James Burk, Managing Partner
Burk & Reedy Law Firm, Washington, D.C.

"Without question, Island Connections is a stellar organization. Longevity in business being the cornerstone of strong character and success, this group exemplifies both.

For over 20 years, I have known and engaged in many business transactions with the principals. I am continually impressed with their steadfast performance, and their ability to adapt to the ever-changing markets and demands that those changes bring.

Due to their highly sophisticated, international relationships in all sectors, they have the unique ability to attract the essential elements necessary to assist in creating prosperity and ensuring success in any new venture."

Tomas Fetzek, Former Executive
Zeros & Ones, Inc., Los Angeles, CA..

More to come ...............

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