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Welcome to the Angel Funding Network!

Thank you for your interest in our angel funding, venture capital network. At Island Connections, we are passionately dedicated to assist quality ventures locate the necessary resources to commence active business operations. Although successful funding is always subject to market variables and cannot be guaranteed by any organization, we network through a wide-range of private resources to bring your visions into reality, providing some of the best efforts possible to help locate your venture angel.

Because our business is focused on angel and other private funding resources, we are extremely knowledgeable in recognizing what triggers sophisticated investors interest most. Therefore, we specialize in the marketing of venture capital projects. This expertise allows us to strategically position a dynamic presentation of your plan, making it more appealing and attractive to the seasoned investor exposed to a multitude of opportunities.

If you are not yet familiar with the extensive resources of our Angel Network, click About Our Team link to view our renowned associates' bios and unique capabilities. These angel facilitators are the only team of their kind in the industry. And, to see what people are saying about us, click on Testimonials.

Upon registering for funding you will receive:

  • A downloadable copy of the Funding Workbook outlining specifically what a seasoned investor is looking for. This eBook provides many important insights to prepare you for the kinds of in-depth questions many investors usually ask.
  • An evaluation of your investment package to confirm that both the company and your own personal assets are not at risk. Many entrepreneurs do not fully understand, or simply overlook, the liabilities that securing an investor can pose. We can confirm that your package is, at minimum, compliance grade, meaning that it contains the proper investment disclosures and disclaimers required by the SEC, that can also help protect your assets from the possible litigation that can occur from a dissatisfied investor. This could be the single-most important aspect contained in your business plan.
  • A brief "snapshot" of your project may also be included on our *Venture Opportunities page, if you so elect. However, many of our projects are so highly confidential that the basic information is only shared by word-of-mouth unless a confidentiality agreement has been signed.
  • A consultation with one of our funding associates to discuss your project in detail.

Then, acting as a part of your funding team, we will search our funding network to match accredited angel investors to your venture with the goal of securing contacts between you. This search targets the following areas:

  • An angel investor with a successful background in your industry because this can bring a level of experience and ultimate value to the relationship greater than just monetary
  • A potential funding source close to your geographic location since they would have an understanding of local business climates and opportunities in your area
  • An individual perhaps without direct experience in your type of business, but always wanted to be involved in your industry
  • Networking with our investment affiliates that includes accredited investors interested in new ventures

We will not send out your venture information indiscriminately. It will only sent to accredited investors or other investment professionals with accredited clients that express an initial interest in your project. This network exists through many years of cultivating solid business and personal relationships.

This specific style of matching projects to potential investors can greatly reduce the cost and time required to fund your venture while enhancing the chances of locating the right angel that matches interest and experience with your needs. And, because we work on a success fee basis, only receiving a fee if and when you secure funding directly through our efforts, our success is directly tied to yours.

As experts in the presentation of your venture, we can also create a dynamic new, one-page Elevator Pitch, Venture Profile that "sells the sizzle" to fascinate and intrigue an investor to want to know more. This fast-track bullet of information could be your most intriguing asset when making that initial contact and critical first impression. Many investors request only a simple, one-page summary before they will commit to reviewing an executive summary or full business plan. This Venture Profile could also be used by you as an e-mail attachment with all investment sources. We would then use it within our working database in the same way to initiate discussions with angel investors, private funding sources, strategic partners and affiliate investment bankers.

If you are still in the planning stages, you may wish to check our additional Business Development services designed to help ensure that you will become a funding success.

Ready to actively begin the funding process? Click the Sign Up Now button to register your venture. Once your project is accepted, you will receive the funding services outlined above.

We look forward to working with you! Carpe diem!

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This Internet site is designed to provide accurate information with regard to the subject matter. However, it is not a substitute for legal, accounting or other professional services. The investment opportunities have not been approved or disapproved by the Securities and Exchange Commission nor has the Commission passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of these private offerings. This is not, nor shall it be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities. Business plans or additional details on any of these ventures are available only to accredited investors or investment professionals upon registering on the network and use of private access password. Neither Island Connections, its management or affiliates make any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained within any business plans, either orally or written. The aforementioned parties expressly disclaim any and all liability resulting from the use of such information which is subject to errors or omissions including legal, financial or otherwise. Financial projections are assumptions based on a variety of factors which may not prove to be correct. Prospective investors should carefully review and consider the risk factors on any venture prior to making an investment. Venture capital is considered high risk without any guarantees of financial return and should only be done under the guidance of your own professional advisors. No guarantees are provided for funding services.